Mission: To increase Lithuania’s national defence capability by convening and maintaining the Lithuanian Host Nation Support Cluster, and ensuring its effective cooperation with the Lithuanian Armed Forces and NATO allies. While at the same time ensuring a fast and smooth Host Nation Support (HNS) process by providing the necessary means, services, consultations and legal support during all RSOI stages and throughout the deployment period.

Host Nation Support (HNS) Definition: HNS planning is part of the overall Operational Planning Process. The operational environment that may generate HNS requirements includes the deployment of NATO HQs and forces (or other multinational HQs and forces) for exercises or operations during times of peace, crisis, or conflict.

HNS Cluster activities:

  • Peacetime: The development of common projects; in the case of a joint exercise, the deployment of the sent allied headquarters
  • In extreme situations: Natural disasters; disasters with biological, chemical, nuclear elements.
  • In crises or wartime: When there is a threat of aggression from other countries, or provocations from foreign countries, or direct act of aggression against Lithuania.